Board members are voted on at our annual winter meeting and serve one year terms and step down or move to another board position after 2 years. All members are able to run for a board position. Interested in being a board member? Let a board member know. We are a small group so many will serve multiple times over the years. The APMGA Bylaws can be read here.


‚Äč Engraved spoon from The Manor found in 2016 in a creek in Beaverdam, where the farm that was once owned by the Albemarle Company and grew produce for the Manor was located.


Will Hornaday

Possum Trot Cottage



Tracy Brown

Plonk School



Mary Lynne Woro

Rosebank Cottage



Dr. David May

Fox Hall Cottage



Police Contact:

Officer Justin Wilson
 Community Resource Officer





The Albemarle Park~Manor Grounds Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), federally designated, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.

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